Welcome to CF Hobbies!!

First off, I'm sure most people's question will be "What does CF stand for?" That is simple and really more important to me than any other sort of catchy (and great) names that other new start up companies have.

The "C" is an easy guess as that stands for Cyrul, our last name. Shortened from Cyrulewski by my grandfather in his baseball days with the St. Louis Cardinals, it's something I take great pride in seeing on my race cars and now my daughter's hockey jerseys.

The "F" encompasses what most racers don't quite realize we all are - Family. One of the things I've realized in the last few years of not being at the track as much at times, no matter how dysfunctional and crazy we all are for being so passionate about our hobby, we are a very large and very crazy family. You can look at friends lists, races everywhere and realize that we are all connected because of this hobby and it's simply outstanding. Epic stories and amazing times are always had when the competition isn't going on that sometimes blinds us from what we are all really a part of. Those memories are priceless and I think even more so than the racing, are what continues to draw us back to the tracks as time goes by.

Family also reflects how life has changed personally here. My girls are no longer the little children who were sometimes in our old track/hobby shop and at an occasional race. The decision to start up CF Hobbies wasn't my own but of a collective of Angel, Alysia and Anastasia. Without their blessing and actual push to do this, I wouldn't have even attempted starting another RC company. They've already helped in a lot of ways including some web logos/colors and giving their seal of approval on the work done so far. Plus, their effort and hard work on the ice has been a great motivator to get this old guy to up his game and keep pushing forward!! 

Thank you for coming to check out CF Hobbies. I will try to keep current with a news update weekly. Until the next one!!

JC #14